A Long Time Coming

good christian gentleman web serial smut romance
Get ready for it!

No, the title isn’t a dirty joke…although I suppose, given the circumstances, it really could be. But just this once, I’m referring to the fact that I’ve been working on the idea for a book (to be presented here as a web serial) since my high school days. My ultimate intent will be to self-publish this book, as well as the rest in the series, but to first present the rough draft here as a serial for people to read, enjoy, and make suggestions on. This will be a light-hearted romance, so it should be an enjoyable read…you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


wink nudge smut romance web serial
You know you are. No need to clear your browser history.


In a short amount of time you’ll be introduced to Virginia Manchester, a sweet southern thing on the run from her rich, possessive boyfriend and the expectations he has of her. She’ll take refuge in Hunfrey, a little Arkansas town nestled close to Texas, and give up her life of cocktail dresses for one of naked runs through the woods. While she’s at it, she’ll rebuild her life, find new friends, and discover what expectations she has for herself…and the single sheriff. The town, of course, has expectations of its own!


town busybodies romance smut comedy web serial
“You know, I have a cousin I could fix her up with…”


A Good Christian Gentleman is a romantic comedy that pokes fun at societal expectations, relationship expectations, and expectations we have for ourselves. Each installment of the serial on this website will also serve as a rough draft for chapters of the book it will eventually be gathered into. This will all be 100% free to read, right up until it goes to publication. If you enjoy what you read, you can leave a tip in the tip jar at the bottom of each post, and of course share it with your friends and family. If all goes well with this, I’ll be presenting other books in this series in the same way.


This project is dedicated with love to Rachel, Tracy, Tabatha, and our dear Mr. Owen. We were his wards, his lambs, and he thought I’d make a damn fine smut peddler.

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