The Ink Society

When I was first brought on to the Vortex staff, it was to serve as the public relations person. My job was to keep the social media platforms running and put out flyers for events, fairly standard stuff. About two months later, due to someone leaving our team, I was promoted to assistant editor. At this point it was too late to hire another person for PR (we’re only active on campus between the fall and spring terms), so it was decided that I would do both jobs simultaneously. I wouldn’t recommend that normally, but I was only taking two classes that semester, so I had the time to handle it.

Part of what I started doing this past year was reaching out to local people to get them to help promote our events (something which future UCA students might be interested in), as well as trying to get donations of products to give away at these events. People were eager to help, but it also sparked a question: Where was the writing group for NON-students in Conway?

Our city is still small compared to some (here’s looking at you, Nashville), but it’s seen some pretty steady development as of late. New flyovers are going in, outdoor malls are being built, and we have a few farmer’s markets these days. It just makes sense that we’d start to have groups of our own instead of sending interested people out to Little Rock to get community.

I’ve launched The Ink Society on Facebook. It’s a group for people that would like to get together once or twice a month and discuss things they’re writing, calls for submission, and publishing tips. We’re planning our first, tentative meeting on May 27th, and anyone who shares our passion for writing is welcome to attend. If this sounds interesting to you, head over to our Facebook group and let us know where you’d like to have the meeting at.

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