Vortex Issue 43

Issue 43 of the UCA Vortex lit mag

For much of this year, I’ve been working on my school’s lit mag, The Vortex. We put forth several online editions throughout the school year (which you can find here and read for free), and now we’re finishing the spring term with the print edition. It’s a big, glossy thing, full of pictures and stories and poems, all of it the work of University of Central Arkansas students. Five of my stories and poems made it in, and as it’s been a rather long time since I submitted to anything, I’m exceptionally pleased.

While the online editions are open to the public, the print edition is a rather more private affair. I have a few things in the print edition which didn’t make it into any of the online ones, so I think I’ll be sharing those on this website as examples of my work, free to all my subscribers.

I’m very proud to have served as assistant editor for the Vortex this year, and it’s a position I look forward to filling next year, as well. There’s something about editing that I’ve found surprisingly enjoyable, and my time spent working for the Vortex and Arkansas Pagans has convinced me this is an area of writing that I should explore more. While my overall goal is still to write and sell stories, I wouldn’t be at all opposed to working in publishing in my “spare time”, especially if the health insurance was decent. Yes, especially then. There’s three things I’ve learned so far this past year:

1) Try new things (even if you think you’ll hate them).
2) Don’t let feeling of inadequacy hold you back.
3) Never take your health for granted and assume you can get by without insurance.

There aren’t words to express how grateful I am that I’ve been able to return to college (and I’m a writer, I should know), but the long and short of it is that it’s been challenging me, and I hope that I’ve been meeting those challenges.

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