Rest and Renewal

An Afternoon Rest by Guillaume Seignac
An Afternoon Rest by Guillaume Seignac

It seems like I have been caught in the middle of a storm for months. This has not been an altogether unpleasant thing. Though I haven’t felt the first bit of control as I’ve careened through my third semester back in college (and really, the first whole academic year, as I started initially in the summer semester), begun laying the foundation for Venacia and its first temple, started worship services in my home, finished the first draft of a short story (my first completed story in what feels like forever), and really begun to immerse myself in collages again…it’s felt wonderful. Like the gods are happy with me and that I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

I’m taking this weekend to rest and plan out my summer…it will be the first substantial break I’ve had since last summer, and thanks to my husband, I can use this time to really focus on my gods and my writing. The plan is also to get a head start on German for the next semester, and to see about setting up a schedule that will let me tend to all of my projects in the coming years without burning myself out or letting anything languish.

Look for a Venacian website to be up soon, along with a GoFundMe to raise money for the temple being formed and some promotional events we hope to put on (such as hosting the lovely Shauna Aura Knight).

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