Small Acts of Devotion

I would not consider myself very artistic, but I certainly have fun trying. I’m especially fond of going through old magazines and snipping out images or words that appeal to me, then rearranging them on a bit of canvas to create a collage. It can be a fun, cheap way to create images to hang on your wall, especially if you like the eclectic look.

Recently, Galina Krasskova has been encouraging people to take up the Devotional Mail Art Challenge, in which people create collages on post cards as acts of devotion for a deity and mail them in. If you send one to her, she’ll send one in return to you.

Obviously because of my love of the gods and of collage, this appealed tremendously to me. It’s taken me a little while, but I think I’ve finally put together two post cards I can really be proud of, one to Dionysus and the other to Athena. Their images, front and back, are below.

Please consider taking up this challenge yourself…this is tailor made for all of you who were afraid that you couldn’t compose music, write plays, craft poetry, or get together a decent group in praise of your gods. If you’ve got a magazine, glue, and scissors, you can do this!

Galina Krasskova

PO Box 228

Beacon, NY 12508

Dionysos Front
Dionysos Front
Dionysos Back
Dionysos Back
Athena Front
Athena Front
Athena Back
Athena Back

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