The Gods Like to Keep You Busy

When I was growing up, if ever I made the mistake of complaining to an adult that I was “bored” you can bet they would find me several things to do. I think the Gods do the same, sometimes. The year started out slow and easy enough, but I must have looked idle because numerous projects have fallen neatly into my lap.


  • I am continuing my work on Venacia, though I don’t think it’s something that will be finished in my lifetime. It feels like I’m beginning the work that others will ultimately take over and build upon in ways I could never imagine…and I’m okay with that. I don’t think there’s any sense to make the assertion that you need to incorporate multiple sources to find truth and a better relationship with the Gods…only to have just ONE person constructing the path. No, if Venacia is going to continue it will have to be because of the efforts of many people.


  • The end is in sight for a book I’ve been working on the past few years, which I’ve titled “The Gods of the House”. It is an examination of and manual on the household spirits which attach themselves to dwellings and families. I’m rather proud of it, and hope to begin the process of looking for a publisher for it before the year is up. Failing that, I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at self-publishing.


  • With the full-blown arrival of spring, I’ve begun work on one of the last projects which I feel is essential to “The Gods of the House”, and that is familiarizing myself with the structure of the former church I live in and the plants that grow around it. My goal is to make a scrap-book of the place so that I’ll always have a connection, even after I’ve bought my own place and moved.


  • I was fortunate enough to contract the services of a talented artist in making the symbol for the Venacian faith. It is representative of the dual nature of things, that of having a light and a dark side, matter and anti-matter, as well as the union of  the king and queen of the Thousand Gods, Yahweh and Asherah (or Zeus and Hera, if you prefer). The shape is overall that of an infinity sign, done in the body of the Gods, so as to show that the cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction, is eternal and all part of the same pattern.


  • I have also begun work on a website for witches and Pagans living in Arkansas, and my goal is to make it read like a magazine with articles and art pieces from all over the state. Eventually, I would like to have correspondents that relate news happening in their part of the state so as to give all of us here a better idea of what’s going on and ways we can get involved. I think I may end up attaching a forums to it for ease of communication, as well.


  • My study of our various Gods and faiths is also continuing, and I am fortunate that my husband is now employed at a library. It is much, MUCH easier to get ahold of research material when your spouse is able to check the shelves every day! I am very, very tempted to just pursue this as a degree. I think it might ultimately be beneficial to opening a temple for the Gods.


That’s a good amount of work for anyone, let alone a notorious procrastinator like myself. Thankfully I’ve discovered a handy little website called HabitRPG. It takes my love of lists and marking things off and turns it into a game that looks a lot like old 8-bit. You earn experience, level-up, and undertake quests by completing your daily to-dos as well as building good habits. Short of having my own Mary Poppins, I don’t think chores can be any more fun!

Ah, and here’s that holy image for Venacia I spoke of!


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