The Thousand Gods

KrishnaJesusAllahBuddhaareallsameOne of the central practices in Venacia is the acknowledgement, respect, and worship of the Thousand Gods. This can be staggering to some…are there really a thousand Gods in Venacia? The answer is that there are very likely far, far more.

Venacian belief is that every God and Goddess that has made Themselves known to the world is worthy of respect and worship, as are the multitude that have chosen to remain silent. Some Deities across cultures are likely the same Deity under different names, just as a cat may be a “gato” in Spanish but is still the same creature. Some Deities are wholly unique to a particular region or culture. Because there are many Gods and Goddesses and many ways of honoring or knowing Them depending on the ritual, custom, or season, They are referred to as the Thousand Gods within Venacia, rather than a strict preference given to a particular pantheon.

If some of the Deities are the same as others while some are different, a follower of Venacia may wonder which name of a Deity it is appropriate to use. The answer is a simple one: when interacting with each Deity it is polite and proper to refer to Them as the name which They have requested to be used in that instance, even if you believe Zeus to be the same as El or Ra. For example, a thunderstorm may one day stir your soul such that you feel compelled to offer up praise. It would be proper to sing your devotions to Zeus rather than Ra, because under the name of Zeus the Father of the Gods was known to exert His dominion over storms.

With so many Gods and Goddesses (and Deities which are neither), the idea of worshipping all of them can seem impossible. The practical application of this, however, is that a shrine is built which stands collectively for the Thousand Gods and prayers may be said for Them as a whole, while followers of Venacia are also able to give more personal worship to the Deities which they feel a strong pull towards. It is entirely possible, within the framework of Venacia, to pay homage to Ganesh, Minerva, Papa Legba, and Jesus Christ all at the same time, and also to make individual sacrifice to Them as you feel called to.

Within Venacia there is a very loose hierarchy amongst the Deities, with the belief being that a Goddess (the Void, Night) gave birth to a God (Matter, Light), and from Their holy union spring all the multitude of Gods and Goddesses and those Deities who are neither. In making offerings or supplications to the Thousand Gods, They are addressed as Mother and Father, Lady and Lord, Queen and King, Asherah and El, or one of the many names associated with Them throughout the centuries. They are part of the Thousand Gods, however, and so it is understood that any prayer or sacrifice offered on behalf of the whole go also to Them.

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